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This electric scooter is equipped with a suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Possibility of choosing a stronger 500W motor.
  • 500W
  • NEW
This model is a universal e-scooter suitable both for the city, for cycle paths and for mild terrain.
  • NEW
MAMIBIKE BREAK 2022 foldable
The MAMIBIKE BREAK 2022 model is a folding electric scooter in GOLD, COLOR or LADY design.
  • NEW
Foldable electric scooter with camouflage design. The basic equipment of this electric scooter includes more robust tires with a camouflage design, a more durable stem, stand, rear fender, removable basket on the handlebars and a 4A charger.
  • AL fork
  • extended equipment
  • Foldable
This electric scooter is equipped with a suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes.
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suspension fork
This electric scooter is equipped with an aluminum fixed fork and hydraulic disc brakes.
  • AL fork
  • hydraulic disc brakes
MAMIBIKE 16 foldable
Foldable electric scooter. This electric scooter has a steel frame with a stainless steel folding part. The fork is aluminum. Wheel sizes are - front 16 "and rear 12".
  • AL fork
  • Foldable




Inconspicuous engine

At first glance, you won’t know on a scooter that it is powered by a motor. On closer inspection, you will find that a very light auxiliary electric motor with an output of 250W / 36V is integrated in the front wheel hub. It is equipped with a robust planetary gearbox and freewheel, thanks to which it does not put up any resistance when driving without an engine.

Low tread like a sports scooter

We have developed a battery that has become part of the tread and is so flat that we have managed to keep the tread low for a sporty ride.
The weight of the battery in the tread ensures a low center of gravity and thus better controllability of the scooter than if it were suspended from the frame.


Lightweight construction

Our electric scooter has a steel frame and a durable construction.
Nevertheless, including electrical components, it weighs only 19 kg.
It can also be transported on Thule roof racks.