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MAMIBIKE BREAK 2022 foldable


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17 kg


From 1364 EUR Sales price incl. VAT
The MAMIBIKE BREAK 2022 model is a folding electric scooter in GOLD, COLOR or LADY design.

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The MAMIBIKE BREAK model is a new folding e-scooter primarily intended for urban traffic, but you can also have a lot of fun with it when riding through nature.

Compared to the MAMIBIKE 16 folding model, the steering angle is adjusted and the electric scooter is thus more stable when cornering.

You can simply fold the electric scooter by folding the neck of the frame back and you can transport it in the trunk of the car.

Technická specifikace

table with parameters
Frame Steel
Fork aluminium 16” 1 1/8 AHEAD D
Brakes disc 180/140 mm
Rims front 16", rear 12“ double RMX
Tires front MITAS 16×1,75, rear 12×1,75
Stem BMX
Motor 36V/250W, front, brushless, with freewheel
Control unit integrated in the frame

Accelerator on the right side of the handlebars, three-button display control on the left

Battery 36V/10Ah, Li-ion, dockable, in tread, weight 2.9 kg
Charder (optional part)

1. STC-8150LC/4A, charging time of an empty battery approx. 2.5 - 3 hours

2. STC-8127LC/2A, charging time of an empty battery approx. 5 hours

Speed limited to a maximum of 25 km / h

25-35 km (distance to one the charge can be significantly increased by active user involvement or reduced by ambient conditions such as hilly terrain).

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1270 x 640 x 970 mm (folded 1040 x 400 x 660 mm)
Tread headroom 90/75 mm (no load)
Tread high 120/105 mm (no load)
Load capacity max 130 kg
Weight 17 kg